Effective 02/21/2021

Vizient Support Services Dashboard

Terms of Service


            These Terms of Service (this “Agreement”) set out the terms and conditions on which Vizient, Inc. Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Vizient”, “we” or “us”) will provide access to and use of certain services available on or through its Soriant Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard web-hosted product (collectively, the “Service”) the end user (such entity, “User”).  By indicating acceptance of this Agreement, you represent and warrant that you are duly authorized and have legal capacity to execute and deliver this Agreement on behalf of User.




1.     Nature of the Service.  The Service allows User to access certain information or other content (which may include data, text or other materials or content).  It also permits User to create, upload, store and/or transmit certain information or other content (which may include data, text or other materials or content) (collectively, “User Content”).

2.     Registration; Individuals.  In order to use the Service, User must provide us with certain entity and contact information, and register with us.  User represents and warrants to us that it will provide us with accurate, current and complete registration information.  User is responsible for its registration, and for all use of the Service using any credentials or passwords issued to it or chosen by it.  User will keep all such credentials and passwords confidential.  Certain Users may have multiple Service login credentials for multiple individuals within its organization, which may include an administrator individual overseeing other individuals.  All acts and omissions of User’s employees and other personnel shall be deemed to be those of User, and User shall be responsible therefor.  Without limiting any other Soriant rights herein, to the extent that User provides Soriant with any limited personal information as part of registration or administration of individual access (including names or email addresses), User agrees that Soriant may store, process and otherwise use that information to provide and support the Service.


3.     Fees and Orders.  The Service is generally available, and certain features of the Service may be available, only if relevant subscription fees or other fees (collectively, “Fees”) are paid by User.  If User purchases a subscription plan for the Service or certain features of the Service, it must pay any applicable Fees. User will provide us (or our designated third party payment provider) with accurate and valid credit card, purchasing card or other payment information and update its credit card, purchasing card or other payment information in the event any information provided becomes invalid or incomplete.  If any charge is rejected by our bank or payment provider, User is still liable to pay the Fees.  Alternatively, User may elect to receive an invoice with payment due upon receipt. We retain the right to charge interest on any overdue balance at the rate of 1.5% per month, or the maximum amount permitted by law (if lower).  User will also be responsible for our reasonable costs of collection, including attorney’s fees, if we deem it necessary to take any legal or administrative action to collect unpaid Fees.  We reserve the right to accept, refuse or cancel any orders placed through the Service, without liability or justification. We will refund User in case its order was cancelled by us after its credit card, purchasing card or other payment method has been charged.  Otherwise, all Fees are non-refundable.


By providing a credit card, purchasing card or other payment method accepted by us and signing up for an annual, monthly or other periodic paid subscription, User expressly agrees that we (or our designated third-party payment provider) are authorized to charge User’s payment method for the applicable subscription fee (plus any applicable taxes) on